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Beneteau 473 - Be As You Are

 The Captain on Be As You Are is experienced sailor, Russell Bertrand. He started sailing at the age of 5, and racing yachts at the age of 10. Extensive sailing in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, West coast of Canada, race from Sydney to Hobart, Atlantic crossings, and other achievements is under his belt.

 My name is Nataliya. I am the First Mate on Be as you are. I grew up on the Black Sea shore, but my passion for sailing I discovered on the Okanagan Lake, (Canada). All that wind in my hair, sense of incredible freedom between the water and the sky…. ,the talks about whether, clouds, sails and rigging, sharing gourmet meals, discussion of race tactics while drumming bongos with the friends could not leave me indifferent. So, I have chosen a boating lifestyle over the deem-lighted Spa room.

So, we relocated to Caribbean region.

 Now, just picture the evening on a boat with a glass of wine, gazing at the star lit sky, and listening to soft waves lapping against the shores…

 There is no need for you to be an experienced sailor - in fact this could be your very first sailing trip. Captain is a very patient teacher (he even taught my niece – she does not speak English!). Being a member of Kelowna Yacht Club and passionate sailor for many years, he taught many people, to sail and race. So, if you want to learn more about sailing, or have a go at the wheel, the Captain will usually be delighted to show you.

 We will recommend the best personalized itinerary and cruising area, - the prettiest harbors, the secluded, quiet beaches, best snorkeling or scuba places. Or the best shopping spots, as well as the most gourmet place to have an experience with local food and entertainment.  

 The choice is yours as the itinerary is always flexible: if you discover a place you particularly love, then you can spend extra time there. There is no schedule, just like in your childhood – do what you are happy doing, and we will make sure that this is holiday you will be telling stories to your grandchildren about. 


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