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Bonaire - Southern Caribbean

 Bonaire is one of the three ABC Dutch islands - Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao in the South of the Caribbean Sea. The Location, the natural beauty of the underwater part of the island, steady cooling trade  winds, beautiful restaurants, and a general tranquility make Bonaire a terrific vacation destination all year round!

We are in Bonaire and surrounding islands for the months of August, September and October.

This island is known for its outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, it ranks as one of the best diving spots in the world. It is no surprise that the place attracts dive enthusiasts from all over.

The Caribbean water is warm, clear and tempting to jump into and explore. The west coast of Bonaire and Klein (little) Bonaire are surrounded by a very shallow shelf which looks like turquoise ribbon and is a great place for snorkeling. Any time of day this is something exciting to do for the whole family.

Let me tell you that diving tourism as we know it now, was born on Bonaire in the 60s, and really took off in early 80s. Captain Don Stewart (still on Bonaire, and still active!), was a pioneer of this amazing recreational activity. He also saw the need to protect the beautiful and fragile underwater world. The National Marine Conservation Park was established in 1979.  This park was the first of a kind to protect a delicate underwater life up to 200 feet in depth. It is forbidden to anchor, remove anything from the reef or wear diving gloves. Besides over 100 well set up boat diving sites, shore diving is also very popular here.

Bonaire has long been a leader in Nature Conservation. On the land Washington Slaagbaay National Park followed not long after the Marine Park. Besides the Parks, there are quite few other programs running on the island, like Sea Turtle conservation since 1991, sanctuaries for donkeys and skittish birds. Over 100 species of birds fill the skies, the trees, and thorny underbrush including the once endangered, magnificent flamingos.

Bonaire proved to be a very pleasant environment for the beautiful birds, and now it is a home for the biggest congregation in the Northern hemisphere - reportedly over 10,000 birds! Huge Salinas, salt producing drying pans in the South of Bonaire, are the largest sanctuaries for flamingos.

In 17-18th centuries, long before refrigeration, salt was used to preserve meat and was in big demand. Salinas were worked by slaves. There are still a number of tiny "houses" along the shore line, as a reminder of darker history on Bonaire. Currently salinas are helping to restore the flamingo population, and supply North America with all sorts of salts, from de-icing salt to the gourmet sea table salt.

"Just around the corner" - in Lac Bay - you will find shallow, warm water, constant on-shore wind, and vast selection of windsurfing equipment!  Lessons and professional advice are available. In fact the Windsurfing school here sent its first Freestyle and Slalom competitors to the Florida Championship in 2001 and won 20 trophies!

Another beach at Margate Bay is equipped for kite surfing or simply kiting. This relatively new sport looks very elegant, but requires a bit of strengths and knowledge. You can rent gear, grab a lesson and go back to your childhood where you were free...
If the land is more appealing to you there is no better way to explore and appreciate the wild and rugged coast line than on horseback.  The sun, the refreshing breath, the sound of falling pebble stones and clip-clop of the hooves will bring a peace in your mind and soul. Nice way to start the day, or to watch the sunset.

Activities and fun are good for you, but you build up a great appetite while exploring, and you need to nourish yourself. Luckily, great food is in abundance here! It won't be hard to find the meal suitable for your palate - Antillean, Caribbean, European, Asian, Middle Eastern restaurants in they are all within reach. For those, who have an appetite for inventive dining, there is a beautiful, innovative restaurant with daily surprise items on a menu. “Appetite” actually a name of the place, and the most gourmet request will be satisfied.

There is a terrific place called "Little Havana Cigar Bar" where you can just chill with your old friend, or make new ones, and have a "real deal" Cuban cigar if you are into it. Its relaxed "old Havana" atmosphere might be interrupted once in awhile with a musical quiz. You will be surprised how much, or how little of music from your youth you actually remember. 
Watching pink and caramel vanish from the evening sky, you might want to have night cap back on the boat, and a rest before another day of exploration and fun.

There are not many places left on the planet where one can escape from honking cars, buzzing cell phones, a wrist watch and a planner. Bonaire is one of those few ones remaining untouched and preserved.  Placid lifestyle and incomparable beauty will embrace you, tranquil your mind, release stress from your body, restore you, and you will fall in love with the island, longing to come back.

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