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Several spa services are also available, aboard Be As You Are...

 A Pedicure is a natural way of improving the appearance of your feet and ultimately, your health. Something very much similar to a manicure, a pedicure is meant for the toenails. It is more than a luxury, it prevents diseases and disorders. Your feet must be yearning for a pedicure and you – for the desire have no problem showing your immaculately pedicured feet. However, only 18% of women have time to get pedicure before going for the holiday!
Nevertheless, you can have your pedicure done at the very beginning of your FUN week right on our boat!  

Or... you can indulge yourself, with a World famous Foot Massage!!!


  The Art of Shiatsu massage is an acupressure healing techniques, where pressure is applied along the twelve body meridians.  Joint rotations and assisted stretches create flexibility and balance in the body, both physically and energetically. Shiatsu is very effective in treating stress, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, minor depression, fatigue and worry. Now imagine receiving this treatment on the bow of our boat, or on the beach….


  While you are being polished & pampered, listen to waves hitting the shore.  Open your eyes to watch a boat passing on the deep aquamarine water of the Caribbean Sea, lush green and rocky contours of the big and tiny islands.

  You can get manicures and pedicures in nail salon or spa, which strive to create a luxurious, calm, and relaxing atmosphere. But none of these is as special as a beachside manicure.

  At the end of the day - what does luxury cost?


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